I was lucky enough to meet Wyndham Robertson early in my career and to say she influenced me greatly is an understatement. Her indelible Southern charm, easy style, incredible smarts and unending generosity not only helped me become a better writer, but opened doors to me that might not have come ajar otherwise. More than a mentor, she was a sponsor, promoting me and my skills to her peers, and encouraging me to take risks and reach beyond my comfort level. Everyone should have a Wyndham.

Last night, Wyndham received yet another in a long line of accolades: induction into the North Carolina Journalism Hall of Fame. Though she could wallpaper a second powder room with all the honors she's gathered, she accepted this one with genuine gratitude and grace. (Learn more about Wyndham Robertson here).

Many moons ago, Wyndham sent me a note about a piece I'd written. Ever the editor, she outlined what was good about it and offered insights on what would make it better. (I think this is probably where the Gold Standards come from). I wrote down her comments for what makes a good story and have held onto it since, taping it to the wall of whatever space I call my office.