It's always fun to write about interesting people doing cool things. Profile writing is a skill -- and one that's in demand. I'm fortunate to have a recurring gig writing about the members of the International Cinematographers Guild. Here's my latest, a series of profiles on up-and-coming members:

Welcome to our fourth annual generation next spotlight on five rising young Local 600 cinematographers, whose work is as diverse as their creative passions. What they all have in common is a love for innovation and new digital media, while still relishing old-school techniques – a combination that produces memorable movie making while still pushing the art and craft of cinematography. Each is aware they’re working at the edge. “It’s a very big step for humans,” observes gen nexter Ben Kasulke, “to accept that the lasting visual narrative of who we are is now being archived on something as ephemeral as the internet or ever-changing data-storage technology.” Read about these folks by clicking here.