Working with anyone interesting, action-oriented and successful is
fun. When that person's your friend,  though, it's even better. And when
my pal Joe Procopio -- that's him over there -- invites me to play on a
project, the answer is always, "Of course!" (Check out IntrepidMedia for some choice writing about very interesting topics).

His latest effort is ExitEvent, a very cool resource and
network for entrepreneurs.I'm thrilled to be a contributor. Here's my
first: Hit the PR Target: Writing a
successful press release
. I'll be doing more articles on getting
your company noticed by the press, improving the writing you do for
business and/or social media, and a bunch of other topics I learned
about growing successful tech companies.

If you're a start-up company with visions of growing your enterprise, bookmark ExitEvent. It's a great resource.