I've been on the road for 10 days. Yeah, I caught a few Sloan shows and am catching up with some friends, but mostly it's been biz dev. I've been jetting around calling on partners, clients and prospects in person. Despite our devotion to digital communications, there's still something great about sitting down face-to-face and conversing directly to someone. Or maybe it's because of that devotion to our devices. Either way, there's something better about being there.

Yes, I know you can do that on your computer (and I do).

I know its expensive and time-consuming.

I know it's hard on the environment.

And if you're smart about it,  have a kick-ass travel agent like Arik Anderson, and an even kick-assier husband like Steve Peha, you don't have to live like George Clooney in Up in the Air. You can see your family and reduce other impacts while enhancing business relationships and maybe even your bottom line.

So see what you can do to get out there in front of the people in your network who matter to you.