I'm going to keep this short. If your approach to giving feedback is to couch your directives and desires as questions, you're hurting yourself and adding time to the process.* If you want content producers to add, change, delete, rethink -- whatever -- tell them to do that. Don't ask if we can. Because that signals that whatever you're asking for is open for consideration. So we might interpret it that way and elect not to do it. Not to be bitchy or anything, just because we may not see it as important and you're not telling us it is. And when we turn the content back to you, you wonder why the change wasn't made. You get frustrated. We get frustrated. And another cycles eats up valuable time none of us really has.

If it's a legit question then ask away. But if what you're doing is trying to appear less bossy or something, get over it. Tell us what you want so we can do it or discuss it with you. Don't ask. Tell.

* I hate to say this, but dudes almost never give directives in the form of questions or with an asking-permission preamble. Whatever points you think you may be gaining by not being direct or assertive, you're likely losing (and then some) by appearing less decisive and clear on what you want.

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