My buddy Mike Plotnik at HOK in St. Louis posted this great article on his Twitter account this morning: Eight Ways To Boost Your Creativity. It’s a good read.

If I’m stuck on something, I’ll often get the leash and a dog and take a spin around the neighborhood. Or grab my camera and shoot something, anything. Maybe I’ll flip through a cookbook. Or slip over to Jon Katz's Bedlam Farm Journal blog to look at the photos and read a bit. Sometimes, too, I just set the alarm for 10 minutes and lie down for awhile. Anything to refocus my brain away from the challenge for a few minutes to let the solution bubble up. (#2)

Steve, on the other hand, turns to music – his piano (#3) or “wind machines”. Or he’ll grab a book or magazine and read till he’s hit with the required inspiration.

How about you? What are the ways you boost your creativity?