How to Find Blog Topics When You Are Totally Not Feeling It

The blinking cursor mocks every blogger from time to time. Here are my go-to tips for finding something to write about on your blog:

1. Keep a big list of blog topics.

I know, this seems like such a no-duh tip. But few bloggers do it and I don't know why. Whenever I think of topic that's interesting or come across an article or graphic that's relevant but not super timely, I give it a tag and put it in a folder. This gives me a rolling list of written and visual content ideas that's at my fingertips when creativity isn't. True fact: This blog post is a direct result of a note I sent myself a few months ago. So there.

2. Share photos and captions.

No, your blog isn't Instagram, but sometimes all you can do is snap a photo and produce a cutline. Take a picture of something your audience can relate to, like a blank screen or this, which was about to be today's post until I found this nifty list:

A photo of The Word Factory's official table at The Open Eye Cafe

That stupid urge to take a victory lap because your favorite table at the coffee place is available. This isn't really the "Official Table of The Word Factory", but it *is* in our brand color!

3. Curate good stuff.

Curated lists of must-see content is the bread-and-butter of super-smart people like Scott Monty and Christopher Penn (and if you're not reading their stuff, you're missing out). But they don't have a monopoly on the idea. When you're stuck for topics, make a handy listicle focused on a single topic or that's a true round-up of useful info on many subjects. These are helpful posts because they show you're paying attention to new ideas and data and they make life easier for your readers by helping them uncover useful stuff. Bonus Tip: Lists of recommended reads (books or digital content) also are popular.

4. Make it all about you.

Every once in a while, post a list of articles or other content that features you. You don't want to do this all the time, lest you come off as an attention-seeking missile. But a periodic round-up of media mentions is easy to pull together and establishes your credibility. Bonus Tip: Showcase recent work you did for a client, as we do.

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