Three weeks left in the year. How are you doing?

I've had this list taped to my desk lamp all year.

I'd have to say that this little idea from Chris Brogan actually worked for me. All in all, I did pretty well on each of the three areas.


I used this blog to test-drive some ideas and move the most effective posts to larger formats, including webinars and presentations on content development and operations. Heck, it even led to a dedicated page on that topic within our site. That has been really useful and I'll definitely continue the practice.

Additionally, I successfully engaged in some volunteer work that enabled me to do additional "field research" on these content supply chain and content management ideas, like managing the creation of the Carrboro Centennial Guide.


My favorite development from this exercise has been Big Project Friday. I learned that if I tried to fit big projects in piecemeal through the week, I just plain didn't. So I made a bold move and gave myself a whole dern day every week. I used the time to work on business development activities (like conference presentations), or large client projects (like messaging architectures). I also used it as time to focus on volunteer work I'm doing for the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce and the N.C. Fourth Sector Cluster Initiative. Now, sometimes I had to schedule non-finishing work on those days, but for the most part I managed to keep my Fridays focused solely on making serious progress on serious projects. This is another thing I'm keeping for 2012.


If I missed the mark on any of them, it would be "connect". I connected or re-connected with plenty of folks this year, but didn't get any projects going from that. Still, I feel like having "connect" as a goal pushed me to engage with folks more deliberately, and that has been a very good thing.

Teeing up 2012

So the next task is figuring out my three words for 2012. That's something I'll be working on for the next three weeks. I'll share them with you in my first blog post of the year. Care to join me?