This morning, our dog Mookie woke me up at 5:17. That's a damn sight earlier than I usually rise, but close enough to my normal wake-up call that I couldn't get back to sleep. There I was with an extra hour or so on my hands. What to do?

On Monday, I made this list of ongoing activities that I keep taped to my desk:

With my free hour this morning, I crossed off the Linkedin item -- and got a blog post idea in the bargain. I'm a huge fan of Linkedin Answers, and I'm there often responding to questions. (See my tips for writing them here) But it had been a while since I revisited my profile, so this morning I did just that. I added my four books (thanks to the new Publications feature) and revised the blurbs about various positions. I also made a list of people I'd like to get recommendations from. (Click here for tips on writing great Linkedin recs) You can see my new profile here. (Lemme know if you catch any errors. It was early!)

When was the last time you looked at your Linkedin profile? Does it sell you in a way that would appeal to the best people you'd like to work with? If not, maybe you can free up 45 minutes and work on yours, too. I'll make you an offer right now: If you want some feedback, I'll be happy to look over what you come up with before you post it (yes, I suggest composing in a word processing program first, then pasting in). Just holler.