Always looking for another way to increase brand awareness? Here's a simple thing that came to me during meditation.

I don't have fancy "hard badge" name tags for The Word Factory. But I go to a ton of meetups and gatherings where a branded name tag wouldn't be a bad idea. My solution? Labels! I had a few sheets of those printer name tags lying around, so I made up my own pre-printed ones. No more trying to read my bad hand-writing. And my logo's right there. Not rocket science, I know, but cheap, easy and effective.

I keep a sheet in my notebook and another in my briefcase.


UPDATE: I added something to my "branded" name tag, inspired by QR code-imprinted t-shirts worn by the GuruLab team at a Chamber of Commerce meeting. I make a few QR codes to go below the logo to link to a special set of content related to the conference theme. I recently one for entrepreneurs/small business and one for content/marketing (for this one, I printed the QR code on a label and cut it to fit the custom name bag I got at a conference). That way, the codes will take folks to content that's the most relevant for them. Some folks didn't get it, but others liked it.

What's your latest shoe-string idea?