Looking for a ray of inspiration. (Copper Canyon, Mexico, photo by me, 2003)

I've been writing about love and dating since 2001 and it always surprises me that the issues don't really change much. Sure, we did a slew of articles about cell phone etiquette back in the day. And we've talked about safe sex, too. But a lot of the issues are identical from year to year. Who should pay on the first date? Is the three-date rule still in effect? Why did he stop calling? Why won't she stop calling? What's the nicest way to break up with someone?

You might think that would get boring after eight years. But the fact is that there are always new ways to dish out sage advice. I find new sources and I challenge myself to come up with a fresh approach to the tone and style of the piece. This generally starts by whipping out the Glossary of Good Beginnings that Steve created for use in his education work. It's got 35 ideas for starting a story, so I pick three and try them out. The best one wins. Then I do the same thing with his Glossary of Happy Endings. It's a fast and easy way to make my writing engaging and keep my readers engaged. Want to yry it yourself? Click here to download the handy one-sheet PDF.

Which brings me to today's published piece. Check out these
tips for getting that guy (or gal) to notice you
from my Match.com advice column.


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