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Maybe the "holiday spirit" means leaving a plate of cookies or bowl of gold chocolate coins in the break room or an awkward holiday staff party. And let's just not even talk about the tragedy that is the annual office Secret Santa ritual.

Authentic holiday spirit

But perhaps the "holiday spirit" could mean something more in your office. What if you actually did something for a struggling co-worker?

Offer to stay a little later to help him finish up a big project. Ask if you can bring her lunch since she has to wait on that call. What if you just made an effort to say one genuinely complimentary thing to each person on your team between now and the holiday break?

Talk about glad tidings

Engaging in a more authentic holiday spirit (sans quotes) will be a relief for you and your coworkers. I know I'd rather have that than the Jingle Cats CD we both know you picked up at the convenience store on your way to work because you forgot about Secret Santa. And I bet your coworkers would, too.