Most of us factor mission, vision and values in our messaging, but what about customer/stakeholder experience? I've started including this element because it's the most explicit way to get clients to consider the people they need most to do business, whether it's a for-profit enterprise or a mission-driven non-profit.

To make sure the wording is focused on customers/stakeholders, I couch it as an "I/me statement" from the person's perspective (not yours as a marketer/business owner).

A few examples:

  • I feel like family at Acme Food & Beverage.
  • I give to the ArtsCenter because they introduce me to new artists I don't hear on the radio.
  • I trust the folks at Fitch to help me through my home-improvement or repair project.

If you're using the Balanced Scorecard, you might have 3 or 4 experience elements. Put them all up there!

Structure your framework like this (I call it a Key Message Architecture):


Keeping your eye on the customer/stakeholder experience while you're building messaging ensures that your messages support them, alongside what you do (mission), why you do it (vision) and what you care about (values).


Download an overview and example of the Key Message Architecture