This is the third in a series of articles for Global Entrepreneurship Week (#GEW). Catch up on the series here.

Thinking about starting your own entrepreneurial venture? Here's how my pal Mike Plotnick, owner of Plotlines LLC in Saint Louis, made the decision to set out on his own. Read other guest posts here.

My Path Toward Hanging Out a Shingle

If asked to describe myself in 50 words, it’s doubtful that “entrepreneur” would even come to mind. I’ve just never considered myself one of those risk-craving innovators who jump into adventures with reckless abandon.

Nope, I tend to favor safety and security. A sure thing.

So how in the world did I wind up quitting my stable corporate job and launching my own consulting business? Good question.

I will assure you that the journey was neither quick nor direct. And it involved a boatload of people, coaxing me toward the starting blocks. Continue reading about Mike's road to entrepreneurship