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Investor presentations and pitches are high-stakes activities for entrepreneurs. Even seasoned presenters can get a little nervous when asking other people for piles of money. But you don't have let your nerves get the better of you.

Here are three articles on making your presentations and pitches to investors less stressful and more effective:

6 Steps For A Great Investor Presentation

In this guest post from entrepreneur Liz Morris of Sanitation Creations explains why a bad presentation is like a bad date -- and offers actionable tips for how you can avoid that fate.

How to Connect With the Audience

Learn how better slide design can help you connect more effectively with your audience, with a tip o' the hat to HaikuDeck.

Don't Bore Them With Bad Bios

Prospective investors and partners want to know the why and how of your management team. Here's a useful strategy to tell them.


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