Updated September 2023

Struggling with what to write on your blog? We all have trouble coming up with good blog ideas, but maybe you’re not ready or willing to pay for them. If that’s you, read on.

Topic selection can be a pain because most teachers never taught us this skill. Here are the two topic generators I rely on the most:

topic generators

8 blog or essay topic prompts

  1. The way things are (observations or "breaking news" from other sources)
  2. The way you'd like things to be (vision statements/ideals/mainfestos)
  3. Problems and solutions.
  4. Big questions.
  5. Comments on parts of other blogs and web stories.
  6. Annotated links to important stories and ideas.
  7. Quotations (with commentary)
  8. Digests (collections of others' opinions on an idea)

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