Struggling with what to write on your blog? I love that Chris Brogan not only created a list of 100 things he hoped we’d all blog about. And now he’s even starting a business that will send you ideas for the low, low price of $9.97/month like this. (That sounds sarcastic, but I really do think it’s a good deal, and a brilliant business idea, too). We all have trouble coming up with good blog ideas, but maybe you’re not ready or willing to pay for them. If that’s you, read on:

When we work with kids in the classroom, topic selection is a pain because most teachers don’t teach this skill. So we’ve got tons of little tricks to generate ideas. The kids can keep the best ones in their portfolios to choose from later, saving valuable instructional time. If it works for a third grader, I know it’ll work for you. While there are tons of “generators”, here are the two we rely on the most:

In case that's not enough for you, we've also go eight other categories that never fail to generate a post idea:

1.    The way things are (observations or "breaking news" from other sources)
2.    The way you'd like things to be (vision statements/ideals/mainfestos)
3.    Problems and solutions.
4.    Big questions.
5.    Comments on parts of other blogs and web stories.
6.    Annotated links to important stories and ideas.
7.    Quotations (with commentary)
8.    Digests (collections of others' opinions on an idea)

What do you do to come up with good topics for your blog? Think this will help?

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