Boy, did we have a great time hanging out with entrepreneurs over at the Kauffman Foundation's FastTrac to the Future event yesterday in observance of Global Entrepreneurship Week. We met so many passionate, excited and focused small business owners.

It felt like we were doing a qualifying run at the nearby Kansas Speedway, though. Our presentation -- usually at least 60 minutes -- was reduced to 30 so we could get three of them in. Whew! We did squeeze in some information on evaluating the most popular channels to determine which is best for your business, and a few logistical points. We couldn't, however, do any of the writing tools we've developed to help folks write effectively and quickly in the short form. The quickly part's very important to busy entrepreneurs. We've given this workshop four times to entrepreneur-only groups and the time factor is almost as important to them as knowing which channel(s) to utilize. Click here if you'd like to check out the packet we developed for the workshop, which includes the writing strategies.

Today, Steve's heading over to the Foundation to help them develop a plan to restructure one of their entrepreneurial training programs. It's a great opportunity for him. I'll be staying back here at the hotel, looking over the Plaza and the Missouri River and doing interviews for my ICG story and tweaking the master messaging document for our biotech client.

Busy day -- better get to it! Make it a good one!