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I responded to a query a couple weeks ago and here's the result:


Writing snappy copy for the web


August 5, 2010

Be warned...a website littered with mistakes will not win you any fans.

Because your website is the first glimpse that many people get of your business, you must give the content plenty of thought.

That means not just the graphics but the words. Crisp, compelling
copy may spell the difference between landing and losing a sale,
according to

By all accounts, producing punchy copy is tricky and time-consuming. But you can be fashionably frugal and do it yourself.

Above all, copywriters agree, the trick is to proofread hard. Be picky, even a nit-picking pedant. (keep reading here -- my bit's at the end).

I'm quite pleased with having the last word. I do wish he'd put the company name in, though. Still, maybe I'll get a training or coaching gig in Australia, huh? A girl can dream!