IMG_1906 Ursa at charmlee 2, 300303 When you're in the throes of a huge project like this Kauffman gig, it's easy to get so into what you're doing that you forget to take breaks. That's especially bad news if you suffer from repetitive stress injury as both Steve and I do. RSI is essentially tennis elbow for typists and it's an occupational hazard for production writers. During this project, I'm seeing the physical therapist, Vinny Marra, once a week to stave off serious injury. Vinny's the best in the business and has deep experience working with RSI. He saved my career! I've also set up an hourly meditation bell on my computer as a reminder to step away and stretch.

But my favorite inducement to stop working is our dog, Mookie. That's him on the far right there. (He's not a fan of the camera; can you tell?). Periodically throughout the day, he walks up to my right side and slips his nose under my wrist and lifts it quickly, pulling my wrist right off the keyboard and forcing me to stop working for a few minutes. Our old dog, the dearly departed Ursa, used to do the same thing. He was a total goof. (That's him there on the left) I like to think that he and Mookie are teaming up to keep me in shape. I think this is the best "therapy" for my elbows because it not only gets me to stop tapping away, but it makes me laugh -- and isn't that the best medicine?