Some fun stuff in this week's work:

I'm finishing up two cool features for the ICG magazine. One's a production diary for a movie filmed in Kabul during last fall's UN Guest House attack and 6.1 earthquake. The cinematographer, Dave McFarland, kept great notes, and I'm working with him to distill the weeks of entries into 1500 words. He's been great to work with, probably because he's used to people cutting down his work. I'm just a different kind of editor for him!

The other piece is with the guy who shot those incredible Eddie Bauer/Mt. Everest ads. Kent Harvey's the nicest, mellowest guy it's almost hard to believe he's a bad-ass mountain climbing cinematographer. He's got incredible stories to tell about the Everest shoot and other cool location work. Assignments like these are really more fun than work.

Also talking to a few really fantastic entrepreneurs for the Kauffman/FastTrac project. It's so inspiring to talk to people who're pursuing something they really care about and doing it well. More on them in later posts.