Welcome to the first business day of 2011! Hope your "re-entry" is going well. We're taking the day to "stage" for the year. I'm going through the piles and files on my desk with a strategic eye. Delegate. Do Today. Do by Friday. Othewise Act. It feels like an effective way to start a more focused year.

Speaking of that, I took Chris Brogan up on challenge to develop and share  three words for 2011. Here are mine:

Integrate: Take advantage of how projects and ideas play off each other so I can work more efficiently and have bigger impact. Use this blog as pre-writing/testing for bigger projects; choose networking and volunteer projects that will help develop tools or skills.

Connect: Engage more effectively with my network, acting strategically to get and give help. Reconnect with professional contacts I've lost contact with; give social channel shout-outs to at least one person a week.

Finish: Complete four key long-term projects: content supply chain case, story-telling product development and books. Create "Big Project Friday", a day reserved for important initiatives.

How are you spending the first day back? What are your big ideas for the year? Let's make it a great one!