Despite all the (justified) admonitions to be careful with humor, there are times where it's not just allowable but welcomed. Yet too many content marketers are afraid to go there. Don't be!

One of my favorite projects was redesigning all the error screens you could get on a website. We were replatforming the Recording Academy's web presence and I thought, let's have some fun with it. So I gathered the content team for a jam session (see what I did there) and we brainstormed funny music-related or recording-related copy for the error pages. Even the dev team loved it.

Unsubscribe landing page example

Maybe that's why I appreciated this unsubscribe landing page from Dunham's Sports. It made me chuckle and I decided not to unsubscribe.

Sure, maybe some people won't find this funny, but they were going to leave Dunham's anyhow. That means the downside risk of this is pretty low. And the upside is, they've kept a subscriber and created opportunity for future sales. Smart move if you ask me.

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