A modern take on the old yule log.

This is our last scheduled post of 2018.

As is our tradition, we're sharing our top-performing blog entries for the year. But first, we want to thank all our clients and partners who made 2018 a terrific business year. We're grateful!

We're taking a few weeks off and will return to regular programming on Monday, 7 January 2019.

Here's hoping you and yours have a wonderful close of the year and a healthy and fun New Year.


Best of The Word Factory Blog 2018

Seasonal content carried the year:

Heart icon on The Word Factory's nonprofit services pageMost-read honors go to our post on how to write a candidate endorsement letter.

The next-most popular was our Q&A with design partner Marc Borzelleca on how to design a business holiday card.

The top non-seasonal posts are:

  1. Brand Journalism: How to do better interviews  (from my workshop at the National High School Journalism Convention)
  2. Mini Case Study: Corporate Social Responsibility (feat. Icon Undies/Thinx)
  3. Lessons learned from 25 years in brand journalism
  4. The role of empathy in content marketing and brand journalism (a recap from #CMWorld)
  5. Mini Case Study: Conference Marketing (feat. Ingram Spark)
  6. Nonprofit Content Marketing: Remember the PSA?
  7. Writing Pro Tip: How to get that story unstuck
  8. Content Marketing Success Tip: Focus on writing
  9. Writing Pro Tip: When your writing doesn't flow
  10. Content Marketing Success Tip: Develop long-form content