Here's the latest find in the Be A Writer vault!

I experienced El Vez before I actually met him. He's had a great show -- and it's a full-tilt entertainment experience -- for years and I caught his act a few times when I was living in L.A. My good friend, kick-ass guitarist, Zen-like fly-fisherman and very effective marketer Bernard Yin, has toured with El and is how I eventually met him. The El Vez election year extravaganza is imminent. Known as the Mexican Elvis, he has been called the “most elegant” of Elvis Presley impersonators. He writes songs and skits and other stage productions.

Be a Writer Like El Vez

1. What kind of writer are you?

i am a terrible writer. lazy as heck. wait at the last minute.

i have bad punctuation and spelling.
and am very big on run-on sentences.
i tend to use a collage effect in writing.
well, i do in my own mind.
the piecing together of parts.

i write for my music.
i write for plays or scenes.
bits for skit comedy.
long set-ups for small visual puns that usually i only understand.
i write emails, too.
i am a good email buddy.

i'm a good re-writer - to take an existing object and turn it into something else.

2. Why do you write?

i write because i have to get something freed from my mind.
sometimes its just banging around in there and the only release is to write it down.
this ends up being on a scrap of paper.
once done to that extent, it leaves my mind and i usually forget about it.
i get a big drawer of bits.
it can work computer-wise too.
i have a big file of fragments.
maybe that's where the collage effect comes in.
i sometimes string together these little bits.

i write to pay the bills.

i write to make it easier for people i'm working with to understand what the project is - song, skit, play, lighting cue.

3. What made you want to be a writer?

necessity is what makes me write.
not really a love or a joy.
well, once in a great while its a joy when it comes out clever.
i didn't want to be a writer.

sometimes i write the song so i can wear the outfit.

4. What advice would you give to a writer who was just starting out?

be organized.
write daily.
save the crap - good and bad.
write even if it's bad.