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I've known Los Angeles-based Peter Spruyt since elementary school. In addition to being a writer and actor, he's also a stand-up comedian. He could (and did) read an LSAT prep manual and make it funny. Peter has created two original television pilots and a screenplay about Internet dating. He's also been featured as an actor and stand-up in several movies and television shows, including Men In Black II, Jimmy Kimmel Live and Comedy Central's Premium Blend.

Be A Writer Like Peter Spruyt

1. What kind of writer are you?

I write screenplays, and stand-up comedy.  I am a professional stand-up comedian, and I write all my own jokes.

2. Why do you write?

I write because it’s fun! I enjoy writing funny jokes and stories.  When other people laugh after hearing my jokes or reading my stories, it gives me a great feeling of satisfaction.

3. What made you want to be a writer?

When I was young, I read great books and watched funny movies, and I admired the talents of the people who wrote them.   It made me want to create works of my own that people could enjoy.

4. What advice would you give to a fellow writer who was just starting out?

Write! Writing is like playing a sport or a musical instrument: The more you write, the better you become.

Let people read what you write, and see what they think.  Pay attention to the notes you get from your teachers.  Try to keep doing the things they like, and improve on the things they don't.

Read! There are so many great writers you can learn from.  If you like certain writers, try to figure out what they do that makes their writing appealing and try to emulate them.

Create your own style! What makes you unique? Do you have experiences or a point of view that makes you different from other people? Try to incorporate the things that make you different and special into your writing.

Good luck.  Have fun!

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