I'm a big fan of finding content marketing article ideas and blog topics in trending events and observances. Some of these I slot in my editorial calendar -- the ones that relate back to The Word Factory business, of course. But others I discover when I'm given an assignment to develop seasonal content.

What is seasonal content?

To me, there are two kinds of seasonal topics you can use for content marketing and blog posts:

  1. Content tied to a time of year, like summer, "the holidays", etc. Writing pegged to as "season" makes sense because people are already in that "head space". As summer approaches, we all dream of vacations, longer days, etc. You can capitalize on that with this kind of seasonal content.
  2. Content tied to an observance. Widely-known observances like Easter or Thanksgiving are included in this category, but don't overlook lesser known observances like World Rabies Day or National Yoga Month that can get you traction with a targeted audience.

Creating seasonal content for Match.com

Here's a real-world example. Match.com often looks to me for seasonal content. There are only so many different ways to write What your favorite Christmas special says about you as a date. So finding new topics and angles is key. I like to find observances that aren't widely known but have some highly recognizable element. From there, I determine whether or not there's a viable relationship hook.

Here are two examples of seasonal ideas that were successfully pitched and produced:

  1. Love lessons from General Hospital
  2. 5 Tips for Feuding Couples

When you're stumped for ideas, poke around for some seasonal topics you can tap into to create more relevant and engaging content for your audience.