Updated December 2023

Frequent readers of this blog know I'm big on defining the purpose of your projects prior to kicking them off. It seems so obvious, but it's so infrequent that we do this deliberately and in detail. Here's an easy strategy to use for the next activity you undertake, whether it's a team project or a blog post.

Walking through this simple T-chart (part of our People-Information-Goals Strategy®) ensures you, and anyone else working on the project, is clear on what you're trying to accomplish and reduces the wandering that often happens. It also makes course correction faster and more accurate because you've already defined where you want to go. And if you're a copywriter or content marketer, the strategy helps you write more effective calls to action.

Here's an example from an article assignment. The idea is to think fast and keep it simple:

Use this strategy for every task you're assigned this month and you'll internalize the process for yourself and formalize the process for your team. Click here to download the entire PIG worksheet..

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