Conference survival kit: a bottle of water, a brownie and a fez.

Recent content marketing research shows we're still struggling to come up with enough relevant and results-oriented copy to fill the available channels, particularly blogs. Time's the biggest challenge, but so is relevance. Here's one way ease the time-crunch and increase the effectiveness.

Mine conferences and events, both IRL and online, for ideas. You can seek inspiration from the topics themselves as you triage the teasers in your inbox, or you can find opportunity in the themes and ideas discussed during the session itself.

10 blog topics inspired by conference sessions

I walk out of almost every session with a list of potential ideas:

  1. A variation on the theme
  2. An opposing or entirely new point of view
  3. An actionable tip or process
  4. Additional context
  5. A data point to riff on
  6. A testimonial for the speaker(s)
  7. A totally unrelated idea resulting from the stimuli
  8. A new problem I can solve or need I can meet
  9. An overview of other people's views from audience questions/comments
  10. A list of people to invite to do guest posts

Keep a running list of potential topics while you're at the event and then vet them when you're on the plane or back at the office.

Other ways to develop relevant blog topics