One of the best ways to avoid burn out and increase creativity in whatever kind of writing you're doing is to step out of your usual forms and formats. Think of it as cross-training for your writing muscles.

Here are two tactics we use with our team and with our clients:

Breakroom Haikus: I was inspired to do this by the story of, then I found out the Haiku Foundation has a whole category devoted to workplace verse.

the acrid odor

launched from yonder microwave 

assaults olfactories

Web Error Messages: Challenge your team to produce more artful error messages for your company website. Here's a classic:

Screenshot of the Financial Times' 404 error page

You can do this on your own, or as a team activity. Either way, it's a nice break from the day-to-day content marketing and other business writing we do all day. Stretch those muscles and have some fun!

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