I leafed through McKinley Marketing Partner's 2017 Digital Marketing Skills survey and found some useful insights. This is a terrific report for talent and hiring managers, marketing and content agencies, and job-seekers.

This is a thumbnail of the McKinley Report's coverThe most in-demand talent sets are digital marketing and creative services. These are the top-ranked skills within those two categories:

  1. Digital advertising
  2. Content creation & curation
  3. Content strategy
  4. Social media
  5. Email marketing
  6. SEO/SEM
  7. Graphic, web & visual design
  8. Copywriting

Perhaps the most interesting finding was this:

Regardless of the job title or function, employers look for candidates with digital marketing skills [even] in specialties where digital has historically not been required, such as in traditional marketing and market research.

Want to up your game in some of these key areas?

Improve your digital marketing and creative services skills

Content Creation & Curation / Content Strategy & Operations

Click the headline for a boatload of information on content creation, curation and management, including how to plan content, how to write content (especially for the web) and how to manage it. Everything you need to build or enhance your content creation and curation skills and your content strategy chops.

Social Media

Anybody can use social media. But the folks who get the most from it use it strategically so it supports business goals. Click the headline for posts to help you develop your own strategic practices for using and managing social media.


Get easy-to-implement and easy-to-use strategies for building out your search marketing and SEO skills by clicking on the headline.

Graphic, Web & Visual Design

Click the headline to find helpful techniques and useful insights to help content creators and digital marketers understand and drive design projects, especially for visual content.