Margot Lester drops back to passAs a die-hard football fan, this time of year I'm more likely to be focused on field goals, like the record-tying boot by David Akers (who's on my fantasy football team).

But with just a few more weeks till the final quarter of 2012, now's a good time to assess how you're doing on your personal and professional goals.

Here are some tips for how to make progress before year-end:

1. Revisit

By this time of year, we often have forgotten why we set the goals we did so long ago. It can be helpful, then, to revisit your goals: Why did you set them? What results are you hoping for? This will renew your clarity and help you get inspired to push for the finish line.

  • Action Item: Sit down with yourself, your boss or your team and revisit the goals you set for this year, why you set them and why they're still relevant (hopefully, they are!).

2. Revise

Take a look at the list of tasks attached to each goal and make adjustments. Maybe you need to delegate some of them. Which are mission-critical and which are nice to have?

  • Action Item: Retool the activities required to reach your goal and recommit to its achievement.

If you discover that a goal can't be met by year-end, now's the time alert the necessary people. In mid-September, there is still time to make some good decisions to revise the goal so that it could get done in time, or to make arrangements for it to be completed later.

  • Action Item:Come up with your own recommendations for revising the goal or the timeline -- along with a set of actionable suggestions -- before informing the boss that you're not going to make it.

3. Recommit

Now's the perfect time to recommit to the goals you've made for the year. Up your game and try to exceed expectations. Finish early. Surpass quality standards. Get farther than you thought you would. A little more effort now can reduce the stress of rushing through the winter holidays to year-end.

  • Action Item: It sounds dumb, but look in the mirror (or the self-portrait option on your smart phone or computer) and recommit to achieving your goals faster and better.

What are your tips and tactics for pushing through to your goals?