Everybody’s talking about content marketing. But what type of content is the most valuable? A February study by CopyPress shows that the “featured article” gets the best return on your content investment (see chart), outscoring even online marketing video.

Ok, but what the heck is a “featured article”?

It’s the piece of content most prominently placed and promoted in your marketing, whether that’s your site or an email blast. A featured article is the best content you’ve got, meeting these key criteria:

1. Relevance

Create featured articles about more than your brand, product or service. Choose topics of high value to your audience, things they want to read about and that you’re a trusted source for. Your content might answer questions or address objections or be directed to decision points in the sell/buy cycle. Provide details that give necessary context and support‎. Actionable content marketing tip: Build featured articles around audience needs, concerns, lives—including a clear “why you should care”.


Use word choice and sentence fluency create a “sound” that elicits trust, establishes credibility and exudes expertise. Featured articles can include other voices in the form of quotes.

3.  Clarity

Write featured articles in plain, but not boring, language. Make take-aways--big ideas, action steps, etc.--clear to the reader with effective calls to action, bullet points, strong headlines and data in context.

4. Quality

Featured articles should be your best work, so post only content that's well-researched and The formatting and images should enhance the article, not distract from it. Actionable content marketing tip: Evaluate your content to see where it needs improvement.