Replatforming is a massive undertaking. It's also a huge opportunity to get your site content right. Recent research from the Demand Gen Report found that B2B customers want content on your site to be organized by:

  • pain point (52%)
  • topic (51%)
  • vertical (46%)
  • business role (42%)
  • size of company (26%)

What does this mean for your content? After you've decided what content to migrate (not all of it, surely), make sure your tagging strategy supports these categories and adjust accordingly. Then prioritize the categories based on your audiences and prospects. From there:

  1. Consider landing pages and home page nav tabs/buttons for hi-pri category/ies (yay you if you can do all of them!)
  2. Develop new or upgrade pillar pages for the most salient pain points, the most relevant topics and /or verticals and roles. If you can't do all that, consider structuring the content to include info related to some of these topics. For example, if you're doing a pillar page on a salient pain point, include sections with specific insights for verticals, roles and company size.
  3. Include these categories in your ongoing historical optimization initiatives.
  4. Create a plan to roll out more content organized and searchable in these categories.

Of course, you don't have to wait for a major event like a replatforming to undertake this reorganization. You can launch this initiative any time.

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