September is Shameless Promotion Month

In observance of this auspicious occasion, I've compiled a pile of tips to help you promote yourself and your enterprise:

Media Relations

Step-by-step instructions for writing a better press release or pitch
The press release isn't dead. But bad press releases can kill your promotional efforts. Same for a bad story pitch. Discover what makes a great press release/pitch (they've identified 5 traits) and learn how to write effective promotional copy of this kind.

How to work with reporters: Advice from a PR pro
PR guru Katherine Swift shares her tips for working with reporters without driving them crazy, including guidance on how often to check in, the importance of being nice, and how to identify opportunities for other coverage.

How to work with reporters: Advice from newsroom vets
And for another perspective, veteran reporter Jennifer Brett and I share our own advice on how to work with reporters, including doing your homework before making contact, investing time in building relationships and being concise (more on that here).

How to use a news hook
News hooks are those gifts from on high that create a relevant link to whatever you're trying to get covered. But how do you leverage them the right way? Here’s an example of how to deploy news hooks to make your PR effort more relevant to reporters and editors.


Getting more from recommendations and testimonials
Promoting yourself is great, but there's more power when others promote you! Learn how to get more mileage from recommendations, testimonials and referrals with these 7 easy-to-implement strategies for leveraging the kind words others say about you.

Marketing Your Blog
One super-easy way to drive more traffic to your blog is to use your email signature. If you're like me, you send tons of emails every day, many to people who may not closely follow (much less subscribe to) your blog. Why not help them find your content? (And if you're in a big enterprise, encourage everyone to spread the word this way.)

How to use social media for PR
Yes, you need to be on social media. But you don't need to be on every channel. The quick way to choose is to go where the most of your target audience is and work that channel hard. Learn more about how to choose social media channels here, then download our channel chooser template.


How to find speaking opportunities
One of the best ways to promote your expertise and your business is public speaking. But where can you find the right opportunities to build your cred and your business? Learn how we identify valuable speaking opportunities.  Then review these 9 tips for making better presentations.

Get more from trade shows
Trade shows. We want them to be productive, but sometimes it feels like they're more work then they're worth. Learn how to get more from trade shows--from choosing effective swag to designing a booth that gets noticed and stocking for maximum efficiency--in this trio of articles I penned for Staples.

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