Updated October 2022

4 reasons corporate holiday cards are worth the effort

Here are four ways to boost your brand with end-of-year outreach:

  1. Build loyalty with glad tidings. In a year when many of us feel isolated, getting a nice note -- even from a business -- creates connection and goodwill.
  2. Reinforce brand messaging and look. Including your logo and tagline on the card strengthens your brand, but don't make it look promotional or salesy. Tasteful is the word of the day.
  3. Update your database. Whether you send physical or digital holiday mailings, the exercise helps you keep your database current based on bounces and returns.
  4. Drive traffic to your site. A well-designed email that includes a link back to your site boosts traffic and encourage browsing. That's why many companies do animated digital holiday cards or short videos with key staff sending holiday cheer.

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