Reviews are some of the most popular user-generated content types. We love to review everything, from products and services to restaurants and amusements to trails and travel destinations.

One thing we may not think about when writing reviews is accessibility -- insights and information that help people understand how easy (or not) it is to access the location is.

Sygren Nagakyrie, founder of Disabled Hikers, wrote a terrific article for the Washington Trails Association that includes tips for writing better reviews. While she focuses on trail reviews, these tips apply to any place any one goes.

Include this accessibility info in your next review

Nagakyrie admits we may not be able to provide all the details below, but even some of them is an improvement over most reviews.

  • Entrance: Conditions and type of road (curvy, foggy, etc.), number of accessible parking spaces and other amenities at the entrance , type of roadway, how curvy or narrow.
  • Trail: Camber and slope, surface and width, obstacles, stairs/bridges, and benches or sitting areas.
  • Elevation: Elevation, length and grade for each incidence and total elevation differential.
  • Difficulty: Define “easy”, "moderate" or “hard” in your own words and reflecting your physical condition for context.

Click here to read the whole article.

Use Nagakyrie's tips to write more inclusive, helpful reviews that benefit everyone.

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