portrait of margot lester

Artist Marc Borzelleca painted this portrait. © Marc Borzelleca

The folks at EmptyEasel.com offer helpful hints to to help artists sell their work. This week, they posted advice for creating a blog series, and featured a tip from yours truly. Read it here.

Here's what they didn't include:

Blogging a series that get results and keeps readers interested requires a little forethought -- and not just about the topic (we'll get to that in a minute).

Pre-writing your blog series

Before you choose the individual subjects you'll cover, think a little more broadly about your:

  • Audience. Who's the target audience for your posts and what are the most likely question they'll have about the subject? Read more tips about audience here.
  • Content. What are the ideas you want and need (answers to those audience questions) to convey? To learn more about relevant details, click here.
  • Purpose. What's your call to action? For more on determining your purpose, read this.

We've packaged this up in the Content-Purpose-Audience® organizer, which you can download here.

Writing blog posts

With the meta-level stuff sorted, you can begin writing individual posts. I usually find that the topics have presented themselves in the DETAILS (one post per?), QUESTIONS (one post per question not) and PURPOSE blocks of the organizer. To flesh each one out, use the top part -- the IDEA-DETAILS® section. See how to plan a blog post with Idea-Details.

This simple process helps you quickly plan a series and the component posts that will engage your audience and drive results.

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