Looking for a quick strategy to help you (or your team) create content quickly, whether it's business writing like slide decks, memos and reports, or content marketing materials like articles and blog posts? Try the Content-Purpose-Audience™ Strategy. It's a great framework for almost any kind of writing and content.

Don't take my word for it. I presented* about the power of the CPA at a conference last spring and here's what one of the participants said about the strategy:

"I took the C-P-A (Content, Purpose, Audience) strategy and developed the framework for a presentation that I will be making to our Board of Directors next month in about 10 minutes. The strategy is simple and profound." - John Borgan, vice president, Catholic Financial Life

Download our Pre-writing and Drafting with the CPA packet and start writing more effective content now! If you've downloaded this before, re-up! I've updated the worksheet to make it more useful.

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