Writing performance reviews and self-assessments can be intimidating. But I've got a strategy that helps. It started as a framework for sketching out a persuasive argument for students, but I quickly saw that it had a lot of non-school applications, like the closely related thought leadership content, obviously, and also political endorsements and recommendations/references. I also figured that it could produce stronger performance assessments (yours and anyone else's).

I put it to the test while coaching a small cohort of supervisors at an aerospace company. They were great at filling out the scorecard for employees and themselves, but were struggling with the narratives. Each review had to include a short write-up summarizes the supervisor's perspective and recommendations for the employee, and they had to create self-assessments for their own reviews. The Position-Rationale-Proof Strategy(c) made it easier to capture the important details and create a narrative from them.

Download the Performance Review & Self-Assessment Writing Playbook

The PRP captures critical information for the narrative portion of performance reviews and personal assessments giving crucial context to numerical ratings and other metrics and making the feedback more relevant and actionable.

Good luck!

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