You're busy. You probably don't think you have time to invest in nice-to-haves like professional development or personal coaching. I get that. But if you've got one hour, you can become a stronger, more influential and faster writer.

I've been a professional writer since 1983 and was a student reporter for years before that. Over that time, I've learned tons of tactics to improve my writing between doing interviews and meeting deadlines. I've also gleaned insights from academic research and educators. Out of this rich gumbo, I've pulled 10 strategies to be a better writer -- techniques that are easy to learn and implement. And I deliver them in 60 minutes. You can boost your skills on your lunch hour.

So, if you've got $100 in your budget for professional development, I hope you'll invest it in working with me to level up your writing. The hour includes instruction in the tactics and time for questions and coaching. Learn more about my approach to writing coaching.

A client talks about the value of working with writing coach Margot Lester.

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