I've written a lot about the important of voice on this blog (here's one example). I just read a great article on the topic--specifically about dialects--by Amy D. Clark that's definitely worth a read for anyone charged with putting words on a page, from content marketing to creative writing.


FEBRUARY 17, 2014, 9:00 PM

The Art of Vernacular Voice

In an interview with the Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Rick Bragg, John Sledge tells the story of Mr. Bragg’s encounter with the acclaimed author Willie Morris, who opened Mr. Bragg’s memoir “All Over But the Shoutin’,” and read several pages aloud. He slammed the book and leaned forward, telling Mr. Bragg, “You say it’s the story, and I say it’s the language.” Mr. Sledge is talking about the voices in Mr. Bragg’s books, which ring true down to the red Alabama grit on their shoes. Every voice on paper has a linguistic and social history that needs to be heard. Click here to continue reading.