This is a guest post from our pal David Rose of Magnet Video.

Editor's Note: We love seeing our strategies in action. Here’s a quick account of how to use our Content-Purpose-Audience Strategy© to create online marketing video scripts. (Click here for even more ways to deploy this work-horse strategy)

The Content-Purpose-Audience Strategy rocks online video scripts

The Word Factory’s Content-Purpose-Audience Strategy© is great for creating concise and powerful marketing messages. And, the C-P-A is ideal for creating successful marketing video scripts.

My company, MagnetVideo, is a turnkey provider of online video marketing solutions. We provide creative services (messaging, design, production), technology (streaming, analytics) and marketing tools (landing pages, email templates, SEO) for video marketing campaigns.

Brevity is best

Based on the video analytics data we’ve collected over the past several years we know that online video viewership drops off dramatically after about 60 seconds. We also know that a 60-second video will have around 145 spoken words.

That’s right, the script for an effective marketing video will have to deliver all the important information in only 145 words. Yikes!

When we first engage with a new client they typically start the discussion by describing the visuals they want included in their video. Since we want to ensure our client’s videos produce their desired marketing results, we steer the initial project discussion back towards message development. Messaging will drive the video project, including the visual elements. Most new clients also assume their video will be 2-3 minutes in length. When we have the “60 Second” discussion it sometimes produces responses ranging from denial to mild panic attacks…

Capturing the message

The Word Factory’s Content-Purpose-Audience framework is a great tool for developing an effective and concise 60-second marketing video script. Working through the following questions in the C-P-A model is the best way to begin development of a marketing video script.

Click image for larger view. Content-Purpose-Audience © 1995-2012, TTMS, Inc.


  • Main Idea – What is the one most important thing you want your audience to know?
  • Key Details – What significant information supports your main idea?


  • Think – What do you want your audience to think?
  • Do – What do you want to your audience to do (call to action)?


  • People – Who is the target audience?
  • Questions – What is the most important question your audience will have after watching the video?

Using the C-P-A

Identifying the answers to the C-P-A questions is the first step towards creating a concise and effective video script and allows your customer to clarify their message and their overall goals. (Get more tips on how to write short here)

The C-P-A answers will also drive many of the specific design elements for the marketing video including branding, visuals, voice-over, music and production style.

If your company wants to produce some effective marketing videos just remember you only have about 60 seconds to deliver your marketing message and The Word Factory’s C-P-A model is a great tool for helping you make that happen!

David Rose is the COO at MagnetVideo, a turnkey provider of video marketing solutions. You can find David on Twitter at @dbrose67 and @MagnetVideo.

Content-Purpose-Audience Strategy © 1995-2012 TTMS, Inc. Used by permission.