Thought leadership is a core element of many content marketing strategies and corporate social justice programs.

What is thought leadership? It's a presentation of new ideas or new perspectives. Thought leadership content marketing uses those new ideas and perspectives to build authority and trust for a person or a brand, and to differentiate that person or brand from others. Effective thought leadership content shows where you stand, telegraphs empathy and signals to like-minded people that you're one of them. Click here to download some thought leadership examples.

How do you create thought leadership content? There are a lot of tactics out there. The one I've been using for years in my own opinion and persuasive writing and the content we produce for our clients is called the People-Idea-Goals Strategy©.

The People-Idea-Goals Strategy, © 2021 The Word Factory, LLC

Click here to download step-by-step instructions for using this strategy from my thought leadership writing course.

Additional resources for thought leadership content creation