Please do what you can to provide comfort, relief and support to people in the storm's path. 

The catastrophe in Houston and the Gulf Coast reminds me of Hurricane Katrina, which I covered as a business reporter. Today marks the 12th anniversary of that colossal infrastructure failure, so I've curated some of my reporting on the storm's aftermath and its impact on the people and place of New Orleans.

After the Storm: A team reporting project 6 months out from landfall for Multi-Family Executive magazine, with reporter Les Shaver and photojournalist Jackson Hill. Six months after Katrina, New Orleans apartment executives are ready to get back to the business of renting apartments. But missing residents, insurance hassles, labor issues, and bureaucratic hurdles are making that nearly impossible.

Crescent City Voices: I reported and wrote these profiles to accompany After the Storm. Jackson Hill shot the photos.

Market Spotlight: Five years out, I took a look at market fundamentals in the New Orleans metro area for Architect magazine.

5 Years On: My five-part series for this blog to commemorate the 5th anniversary, including interviews with business owners, real estate agents, a water control expert and an architect.