Me and a friend in the Fez Lounge at #ISum12

Another fruitful Internet Summit. I'll be sharing more take-aways in the coming days, but here are 10 big themes from the event:

Entrepreneurs & start-ups:

  1. Start-ups need to listen to customers and clients to build the business and pivot as needed. (Hint: It's not about you)
  2. Bootstrapping sucks.
  3. Someone on founding team has to be able to hustle, sell and communicate effectively.
  4. Starting/investing where there's heat isn't best play. Harvest there, but form/invest in promising sub-sectors.
  5. Iterate, embrace small victories and big failures because they lead to big wins.

Content & Marketing

  1. People (especially content marketers) are missing opportunities because they aren't designing and streamlining across devices and platforms. Responsive design is key.
  2. Engage users/audience and let them create content, too.
  3. Continuous blatant self-promotion makes for boring content. Relevant, informative or entertaining content tied to the buy cycle isn't.
  4. Figure out what leadership will approve and start there, then educate to get what you really want/need.
  5. Nobody wants to see a lot of text-heavy slides; investors want 15 or fewer.

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