Earlier this year, I upped my commitment to social justice, particularly anti-racism work. Last night, I finished Michelle C. Johnson's Dismantling Racism class.

The class is a part history lesson, part perspective-sharing, part small-group discussions. Michelle creates an environment where participants address difficult issues bravely with shared agreements, breathing exercises and grace. She builds a true classroom community, re-centering our world view away from the dominant culture, and challenging us with explorations of ourselves, our institutions and our culture. Michelle ends the class with tools for doing our own anti-racism work.

Learn more about Michelle her anti-racism/social justice trainings here. It is a deeply moving, valuable experience. I urge you to work with Michelle individually, at your company and with boards you serve on.

This is how we begin to break down white supremacy in all its forms -- especially the quieter, entrenched ones that are harder to see and just as insidious.

In upcoming posts, I'll share a few tangible acts that any person or business can undertake to combat racism and white supremacy. Stay tuned.

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