Everybody from President Barack Obama and UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp on down is talking about the dire need for more innovation. It's easy to think this just applies to big-brained scientists who're solving huge problems, or technology geniuses who're making the next smart-thing. But innovation is possible for all of us. All we have to do is try.

For instance, I'm working on a few new approaches to the way we teach writing in college and business, how online content is managed, and the way people create corporate and personal narratives. I know these aren't world-changing developments. But my goal is to solve problems I've heard people talking about. That will at least make some people's lives incrementally better. And I'll take that as a win.

Stop looking at innovation as something only people in white lab coats or dimly lit development suites are responsible for. Quit thinking innovation only applies to big huge ideas with world-ranging implications.

Innovation starts with each of us. And if everyone of us tried to fix one problem or create one new thing, think how much we could accomplish for ourselves, our business, our community and yes, maybe even our world.

So, what are you going to innovate today?


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