In the middle of a string of business trips, so I'm just now reading this helpful post from Heidi Cohen: Social Media: Where customers and brands are.

The big take-away (and there are plenty others) for me:

If you’re an entertainment, restaurant, food, celebrity or apparel business, consider ways to actively engage with your fans and other customers since these categories are liked by more than a third of respondents. 

I counsel clients that although social is everywhere, it's not the best marketing channel for every business. And the data in Cohen's post bears that out.

If your business isn't in one of the top categories mentioned above, it doesn't mean you can't use social, it just means you're more likely to get traction from other channels.

You can use this tool to determine the best mix of channels for your business/brand: Social media channel chooser. For an integrated matrix of online and traditional channels, use your final social choices and fill in the other slots with the offline options.

Social media channel chooser

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