January isn't just for New Year's resolutions. It's also a good time to:

Update copyright and other rights notices on all your materials, including presentations (thanks to The Reputation Institute's Martin Lieberman for that reminder).

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Gather the documents you need for your personal income tax returns (easier to find it now that noon on April 15th, trust me) and make a dedicated place for all your important papers. Learn more about that from this document retention infographic we created for Staples.

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Improve your work environment. Maybe it's getting a FluidStance or a FitDesk (I love mine). Or getting better coffee for the breakroom. Or installing kinder lightbulbs. I just did that throughout The Word Factory HQ and it's amazing how much nicer it is without so much blue light. I've also switched most of my devices to dark mode.

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Start a business savings account. Talk to your CPA and see you're allowed to create a savings account for your business. I'm kicking mine off with a business version of Michelle Singletary's 52-week challenge. My goal is to save enough this way to cover my 2021 Content Marketing World early bird registration.

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