Some people don't blog because they can't think of any good topics. Chris Brogan can fix that for you with Blog Topics. Other people don't blog because they can't stop over-thinking their great ideas. I can fix that for you with the Idea-Details Strategy©.

Small strategy, big results

When you get a great idea for a blog post, draw up a teensy t-chart and jot down 4-6 pieces of key information, comme ça:

Faster writing

Why do I like this? Because it helps you do something instead of just thinking about it. Spend 5 minutes, tops on this. Then make a complete sentence out of each detail (remember, you don't have to have one of each as shown in the example, but you do want to try for three to five details over all). Boom! Instant paragraph-long blog post!

If you want to get more detailed, you could write a few sentences about each detail and you'd have a little longer piece. You'd still only need to spend about 15 minutes. Then put it away for a little bit. Come back to re-read, do a little tuning up and publish that bad boy.

Get busy

Here's the one I did for this blog post (yes, on the back of my phone bill):

Simple. Elegant. Works.

Now that we have that out of the way, what's your next excuse for not blogging?


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Credit for the Idea-Details goes to my brilliant husband, Steve Peha. © 1995-2011 Teaching That Makes Sense, Inc. Used by permission.